Photo: Ute Schendel

  • Early studies in music with Joh. Seb. Lambertz and Maria Bergmann 
    (piano, organ, improvisation, theory)

  • Piano studies at the Academy of Music, Karlsruhe with Prof. Gunther Hauer and Prof. Werner Genuit

  • Studies of experimental music with Prof. Eugen Werner Velte

  • Music theory with Prof. Mathias Spahlinger

  • Private studies in composition with Prof. Wolfgang Rihm

  • Participation in the international courses for New Music at Ville-Neuve-lez-Avignon under the direction of Luigi Nono as a fellowship holder of the Centre Acanthes, Paris

  • Fellowship for the participation at the International Summer Courses of New Music, Darmstadt, (Piano class of Prof. Bernhard Wambach)

  • Fellowship in composition of the "Heinrich Strobel Stiftung des SWF"

  • Fellowship of the Foundation Dr. Robert und Lina Thyll-Dürr, Zürich